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CreateYourOwnWebsite.co.za has been developed by Pieter Pretorius.

I have been making a living from the Internet for the past 10 years. At http://www.passive-income.co.za

I also sell my eBook in which I show my readers exactly what it is I do to make money on the Internet.

My eBook already changed the lives of hundreds of my readers. But I realised that you cannot make money on the Internet if you do not have your own web site.

Without your own web site you are merely building somebody else's brand and mailing list.

It is important to have your own web site and build your own brand. In these videos I show you exactly how to create you own web site.

It is easy enough so that even a 40 year old can understand and do it.

Get your DVD today and start building your own web site.

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