Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have a credit card, can I pay directly into your account?

Yes, you can. You can deposit the money in the account mentioned below. Then email or fax your proof of payment and PLEASE remember to include your name, postal address, cell number and email address in the fax/email.

Acc Name: Extraordinaire Trust
Acc No: 62162579399
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code: 200411
Branch: Saldanha
Type: Cheque
Fax Nommer: 0866-590-148

Acc Name: Extraordinaire Trust
Acc No:
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code:
Your cell number
Fax Number: 0866-590-148 or email to pietpetoors@gmail.com

I purchased your eBook first and in the eBook received a discount coupon for the DVD. I cannot find the place to enter the discount coupon.
If you use the button for online payment on the main site you must go through the whole purchase procedure. At the very last step just before you pay the system will ask your discount coupon code.

Are there any other hidden costs?
No, the DVD will cost you R750, the domain registration R100 per year, the hosting R8.95 per month and if you do register for a Clickbank Merchant account it will cost you a once-off $50. Besides that there are no other costs involved.

Must I be some kind of Wizz-kid to be able to build my own web site?
NO, anybody who knows more or less how to use the Internet can do it. My first client who showed off his work is 68 years old and is staying in Lydenburg. Butch has been a sales rep all of his life and he successfully built his site. My youngest student is my 14 year old daughter. So I guess it is save to say that just about anybody can do it.

What software do you use?
To build your site we use WordPress which is free software. You will use that to easily setup and maintain your web site.

If WordPress is free software why do you charge me for the DVD?
WordPress is free and you are more than welcome to setup your own web site or blog using it if you can figure it our your self. What you won't know when you do it yourself are things like, what plugins I use to make my web site search engine friendly, what plugins I use for my newsletters and autoresponder, where I can get reliable hosting at only R8.95 per month, how to make money using my web site or blog.

Will my web site be search engine friendly?
Yes, one of the plugins we install is there specifically to make your web site search engine friendly.

Do you have examples of sites built this way?
Yes. This very same web site you are on at the moment was built using my method. In fact used this web site for the recording of the DVD. SO in the DVD you will see how I built this very same web site. You can also have a look at: http://www.storiesandissues.co.za/ (one of my clients' web sites) http://www.pietpetoors.com/blog (my personal blog) http://www.bokkom.co.za/blog (modified to fit the main site) http://www.africatrips.co.za http://www.photosa.co.za/blog http://www.freeforex.net/blog

What Plug-ins did you use?
Sorry, that is my secret. You will have to buy the DVD to get that information.

Which software is the easiest and free for me to build my own website.

Hi I think in today's world it is better to use an online editor like WordPress or Joomla I battle too much with Joomla so I prefer WordPress. Joomla seems very powerful but to get installed and working is a head ache and not something I can teach somebody with absolutely now web skills (which is my target market). Some people think WordPress is for blogs but it is not, you can do a normal site with it as well. You can download it for free at wordpress.org but you will need a server to upload it to. That is the method I show my students at www.createyourownwebsite.co.za If I were to start from scratch now I would not spend my time learning the ins and outs of web design I would rather take something like wordpress or joomla and spend my time on getting quality content for my site. I currently use Dreamweaver for my web sites which costs about R7,000 for the software and months of frustration to get to know it. Once you know it I guess it is the best option but in the year it takes you to learn the ropes you could have earned thousands from your web site already.

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