How to add a NOINDEX tag to you page

Sometimes you do not want the search engines to list a certain page on your blog. This can be pages like your "Thank you page" where you give your readers the download link to download your eBook after they paid for it.

To prevent search engines from finding your pages you must add a NO INDEX tag to your page.

We do this by adding the "Ultimate Noindex Nofollow tool"

In your control panel go to "Plugins" and click the "Add New" link.

In the plugin search box type "Ultimate Noindex Nofollow tool"

"Ultimate Noindex Nofollow"

Click the "Search Plugins" button.

You will get a list of plugins. Because we searched for the exact name there should be only one plugin in the list.

Click the "Install" link on the right of the list

Click Install

A window will pop up with details about the plugin. On the top right of that window is a red Install button, click that and follow the prompts that follow.

Once the plugin was successfully installed you can go to the plugin's control panel. You will find that under "Settings" in the left menu bar and under settings you will find "Ultimate Noindex"

On the Ultimate Noindex control page you will see that you have to enter the Page ID of the pages you would like to add the NO INDEX tag to. If you know the Page ID just enter it here and if you want to add more than one page separate it with a comma

Ultimate NOindex

Do the same with the NoFollow pages further down the same page. Once you are done just hit the "update options" button at the end of the page.

If you do not know what the page ID is, click on "edit" under the "Pages" tab.

Just hold the mouse pointer over the page name of the page you would like to hide. Now look at the very bottom left of your screen at the URL displayed there. It will end with "post=123" The number after "post=" will be the page ID. That is the number you have to enter at the "Ultimate Noindex Nofollow" plugin's control page.

If you have a page which the search engines already listed I suggest that you rename it since the search engines takes several months to update their information.

That is it.

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