Will I be able to keep my email address?

We have been using this email address that we got through XYZ. We want to cancel this XYZ as they are charging us the a lot for the adsl and this email address. The other company said theirs include 5 free email addresses. Will I be able to keep my current email address?


NO, you won’t be able to keep your current address because it is a XYZ addres. It is yourbus@XYZ.co.za .

When you get your own domain create yourself an email address on your domain instead. Something like david@yourdomain.co.za . Your domain and the internet service provider are not the same thing. If you have your own email on your own domain you can switch internet service providers without loosing your email address. You will also be promoting your own brand instead of that of another company. If you send somebody an email now, do they see your domain name in the email or your internet service provider’s name?

See, you are promoting their service for them for free instead of your own.

The best thing you as business can do is to get your own domain and setup your own email addresses on your own domain.

To answer your question; Yes you will loose your current email address but if you create your email on your own domain you won’t have this problem in future.

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  1. HI there I am opening up a Party Venue and I am needing to find out, the payment of R350 will include being able to design my web page.1 How many pages will be on this.2. I am with vodacom for my emails for the bookings and further information, so all i actually need is just a front page that will advertise info and my email address for further pricing etc. 3. I am also needing hosting of this web page obviously so that people can link through from google etc, to view kids parties and then be able to link through to all the kids venues.



  2. bettysue257 says:

    Hello, how are you doing? I genuinely like your blog! I was wondering if you might assist me (I am certain other readers may also be curious). I want to get into creating a blog also and I currently write a blog with one of the local social web sites, but i would very much like to also be able to create my own blog on my own web name using wordpress. As a Word press webmaster yourself, do u perhaps maybe know were i can find online tutorials to be able to do this?

    • Pieter says:

      You are at the right place here. That is exactly what I show on my DVD. In the videos I take you from where you register your own domain name, setup and configure your blog software and start blogging.

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